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Odessa brides dating service FAQ

About us

We are a successful dating agency with proven results: many of our customers found their life partners and live very happily together.

We are IMBRA compliant.

Here is our physical mailing address where you can send any complains, forward your correspondence, payments, orders, etc.

65045 Alexandrovskiy prospect 10 office 5
Odessa, Ukraine



Our Services:
Profile registration - free of charge
Checking other members profiles - free of charge
Sending messages to other members – free of charge
You will have to pay with CREDITS only for phone - and video calls through our platform,reading messages from other members or seeing their videos.

Buying credits:
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, American Express, PayPal, Bank Wire transfers and even Bitcoins. All you need to do if you decide to pay with your credit card - is to log in under your username and password and choose "Buy Credits" option. After that, choose the amount of needed credits. If you decided to pay with Pay Pal or Bitcoin make sure you read the instructions carefully.

The Price of 1 credit
The more you buy – the cheaper they are, for example, 20-54 credits will cost $2 each, 55-99 - $ 1.09 each and 100 credits will cost you only $100.

What factors can influence on the price of opening a message from a lady?

If a lady is popular and she is communicating with several men - her message will be a little bit pricey.
If a lady does not speak English and has to involve a translator to communicate with you - her message will be a little bit pricey.
If a lady has no Internet access at home for some reason and has to use a pc at her local dating agency - the price will be a little bit higher too.
Most of our ladies have Internet access at home; also they usually speak English rather well so we guarantee you affordable prices.

If you would like to contact a lady directly.

We offer 2 options to our customers:
• Open 15 paid messages from a lady and request her personal contact information free of charge. You can do that by choosing an option in her Profile – Send contact Info Request. The item appears after you open the 15th letter.
• You can pay a $50 fee to obtain a lady’s personal information. Please, note that you also have to pay for at least 1 message from that lady. Remember the lady has a right to provide that information or to refuse to do that, so in case of refusal you will not be able to get your money back.

If you are interested in obtaining a lady’s personal contact information you have to fill out the IMBRA form which is located here and follow the instructions (for US citizens ONLY).

You cannot exchange your personal info in messages (email, mailing address, skype name, etc), if you would like to request that data - please contact us.

About discounts

After opening 15 paid messages from a lady, you can request to have the price of her letters lowered to 5 credits. You are also entitled to this reduction if you have requested the lady's contact information using the expedite service. In case the lady's contact information does not include an email address, the price can be further reduced to 1 credit per letter; however, translation is not provided at this price. If you want to keep using our translation services, the price will have to stay at 5 credits per letter.

Trust Rate

We are able to provide a rate of trust of our women according to several criteria:
Scanned documents and current IDs; meetings, correspondence and phone calls, etc. All these combined factors will create a trust level portfolio rate, which is the higher the better. Usually we measure it in percentage and a high trust level means that we received a definite proof that a lady is not fake and she is conducting communication by herself.

About Friends list

Sometimes men are looking for soul mates and for some reason they do not see a future together with a person but they can be awesome friends. That is why we also have an option – Add to friends list or Delete from friends list. If you are a friend of someone you will be able to see additional information and private pictures, etc. Anyone being a member of our website will be able to see your friends list.

Phone conversation

If you would like to order an interpreted phone call we will be more than happy to help you - but you have to be ready that you will be charged 1.8 credit per minute. If a chosen lady is fluent in English it will cost you only 1 credit per minute. Usually we require ordering a phone call in advance to enable us to contact a lady earlier and schedule your future phone call. Also we would like to mention that during that phone call the exchange of personal information is prohibited

Video conversation

Yes, you are able to order a video conversation with a lady whom you like. It is very easy to do: you either request it by email support@odessa.dating or by phone USA toll-free: 1-866-Y-SINGLE (1-866-974-6453), UK: +44 (0) 2071935504

It will cost you 2.5 credits per minute and you have to order as minimum as 10 minutes. You will be automatically charged for 10 minutes of conversation. We recommend to order a videocall in advance so that our operator would have enough time to set it up with your lady.or her local agency. Also we would like to mention that during that video chat the exchange is personal information is prohibited.


We are working with local agencies and we are contacting each candidate personally. We are trying to make sure that our customers will not have any bad experience with scammers and doing our best to prevent any communication with scammers. If you suspect someone in scam – please contact the site administrator immediately.

Are most of the women looking for better destiny abroad, are they going to use you?

You never know what people are thinking and looking for. We always recommend our customers that after correspondence they should meet their ladies in person to be able to tell what she is about and only after that to offer their heart, soul and US citizenship…Anything is possible. But most of our ladies are looking for life partners, pure love, and happy relationships with decent men. If you treat a Slav woman well – she will treat you the same way – with love and respect.

Age difference

Someone prefers a younger partner, someone – an older one. Different people have different tastes.

Unopened messages.

You need to be careful with unopened messages. When you have too many unopened messages from the same woman, you might get blocked by the anti-spam filter. If you would like to reply please go to Communicator and open her messages first, if you encounter any difficulties - please contact an administrator

If my profile was rejected for some reason

If your profile was rejected for some reason it means that you violated some of our policies and rules. First of all - please make sure that your picture matches our requirements; then provide short information about yourself. Note that your contact information has to be posted only in the specific fields.

If I would like to visit Ukraine, do I need a visa?

You need a valid passport to enter Ukraine. If you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need to have a Ukrainian visa as long as you will be in Ukraine for fewer than 90 days within a 180-day period. You need a visa or a valid Ukrainian residency permit for all stays longer than 90 days. You cannot get a Ukrainian visa at the airport or at the border. If you need a visa, please get it in advance at a Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate.

Check your visa carefully so that you know the validity period. You are responsible for knowing the rules for the type of visa you have. Sometimes U.S. citizens try to come to Ukraine before their visa allows. Remember, in Ukraine the date is written as day-month-year. If you come to Ukraine before your visa allows, you can be stopped at the border, not allowed to enter Ukraine, and required to return to your point of origin at your own expense.

Do I need any adaptors for my cell phone, laptop and other gadgets in Russia or Ukraine?

Yes, you do need an AC adapter. You can buy them in any electronics store or even online - eBay, Amazon, etc.

Will my cell phone work in Russia or Ukraine? How much will it cost me? Any alternatives?

If you have a world-capable multi-band phone that enables you to use GSM network you will be able to use it in Russia. In the United States, AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile carry such phones. Verizon and Sprint Nextel also offer dual-band global phones. REMEMBER, that phones and plans of this kind are very expensive. If you are going to Russia for a short visit it's hardly worth investing in it. It depends on your provider and plan. This information is readily available from your customer service. On average, it will cost you around $5 a minute for international roaming in Russia. This is in addition to special international plans, if applicable.

If you really need a phone, there is an option to buy a prepaid cell phone in Russia or Ukraine and leave you American cell phone at home. Cell phones are very common things in Russia with a number of well established wireless providers offering all kinds of phones and plans. If you don't speak Russian or don't have friends there to help you with making the right purchase, this might be a difficult (but possible) task. It is worth investing in a Russian cell phone if you’re planning to stay in Russia for a while.

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