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Children as a sense of life of Ukrainian woman

On our dating website there are around third part of profiles are the young single mothers with one or more children .Do not be surprised that Ukrainian women are having children at a very young age. According to statistics, in Ukraine women give birth to their first child at the age of 22-24 years old and to their 2nd one – at the age of 26-27 years old and of course it does not fit the typical model of western families when both spouses are thinking about the children much later. Let's try to understand the role and place of a child in the life of an ordinary Ukrainian woman.

Oksana: I am a cheerful, communicative, self-confident and honest person   Anastasiya: Well, I have very strange character...

In Ukraine, as well, and in all Slav countries the girls' education for a long time included the basic idea – a preparation for the birth and upbringing of children. Playing with dolls, taking care of younger brothers and sisters, the accumulation of "dowry" - all this will eventually formed in the minds and souls of Ukrainian women special algorithm of their behavior in life. As a result, practically absolute manifestation of the maternal instinct was enhanced with future behavior and education. A care of the mother of the child is always difficult in everyday conditions of Ukraine plays a particularly urgent role. Carry a child, give birth to, bring up, educate, teach children is a difficult destiny of women, requiring endurance, patience, vitality and, of course, love. And Ukrainian women gave birth to not just one or two children, but 3 or more children.

Nataliya: You see, I am no longer 18 but does it really matter unless you are going to make a soup of me?   Marina: I do not afraid to be naive and sincere. I do not afraid to believe people

The concept of a family in Ukraine is strongly associated with children, birth and upbringing of them is a sense of life for Ukrainian women. Within a family, children learn from their parents not only the rules how to behave themselves and get the first knowledge about the world around them, but the most important – to appreciate relatives of people around them and during all their lives to feel that emotional atmosphere of their home comfort of a ‘Family nest’, and later to recreate it for their own children that a single thread of cultural traditions could never be interrupted. For children in Ukraine, every effort is made to ensure that they grow up worthy of their parents, and that they can find their way in life. And the biggest part of its responsibility is on the shoulders of Ukrainian women.

In Ukrainian families the relations between generations of parents and children differ from the European ones. They still have connection between parents and adult off spring. For example, young people, even they live separate from their parents in their apartments still attend their parents for the ‘family dinners’, trying to spend the holidays with their parents or with good friends. And the parents are trying to be involved in a life of a young family.
This is a little bit different from the European tradition, where a young couple is not seeking a financial aid from their parents - in the best way they can borrow some money. But they have nice friendly relationship between young families and parents; parents support any decisions in future life of their children.

Anastasiya: ou wouldn't imagine how one person could be so tender and charged by atoms   Katya: I am very communicative, joyful, family orientated woman by nature

Every third child in Ukraine is born as a bastard. There are lots of reasons for that but even being alone, Ukrainian woman with a child will never give up. She is well aware of the responsibility and directs all her efforts to behave her children well and help them to achieve a decent education. And an important place in this situation is not only a material component - here you can have two or three jobs, but also a search for a man who is able to replace the child's father. And single Ukrainian woman first of all is trying to find a father to her son or daughter but not just a man for herself. And considering that almost every third mother in Ukraine is single, and also millions of women after divorce are raising their own children by themselves, here we have a huge number of the brides. If we look at the overall demographic situation in the country, where men live much less than women, it becomes clear and easily understandable a desire of many women to become a bride of a foreign man.

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