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The role and place of a woman in Ukrainian family

More and more young Ukrainians do not try to create a family with the local men and want to get married abroad. Many of them mistakenly believe that to become a mail order bride is simply an attempt to be lucky, and immediately solve all their material and everyday problems. We offer you to look at it from the other side- from the side of Ukrainian family values, ​​the role and place of Ukrainian woman in the family.

Nelly: I am very optimistic and love life and people   Kateryna: I value honesty and intelligence in other people

We would like to mention that her position in modern society is ambivalent. On the one hand, in a society there are some ‘fragments’ of chivalrous attitude toward women. By tradition, each girl receives favorable attention of men, their compliments, financial protection, and all the other signs, emphasizing her femininity and her role being a mother, a housekeeper, a friend and a lover.

On the other hand, a man in a modern model in Ukrainian family has incredible power and authority, but all the responsibility he passes his wife, a mother. His main role is to create a family, and he is no longer interested in family routine.
Thus, Ukrainian wife in the family is actually a housekeeper, a creator of family warmth, comfort and cleanliness, the role of mother (if she has a child) and a support leader for her husband in difficult situations. Many centuries’ Ukrainian wives constantly took care of their families: paid their loving attention to husbands, fathers, and children. Fed and well-groomed by caring female hands men went to work by exploiting a patriarchal moral of society and traditional obedience and sacrifice of Ukrainians.

Elya: I am active, optimistic, sexy, seductive, attractive, sociable and interesting lady   Anna: I am a wise and stunning woman who is ready to be yours the best time of your life

The traditional way of family life in Ukraine, a leading role in the financial support of the family is almost always given to man. But here the situation is also paradoxical- very often the role of the Minister of Finance in the Ukrainian family belongs to the woman, she is better informed about changing prices for goods, she has a better memory as for the little things and details, she is more efficient in everyday life, so the household is her business. Although the main earner or money maker, the economic support of the family has to be her husband.
Would you like to know how Ukrainian men choose their wives? To the question what is most important for you in a woman? They usually answer: the level of intelligence (27%) and sexuality (26%), the essential kindness (24%), the appearance (11%) - as they think - Beauty doesn't make the pot boil. And 66% of men prefer skinny women. The ability to prepare food and maintain housekeeping is important only for 9% of men, which is kind of surprising at the first glance.

Oksana: I am very goal oriented, and always strive for my dreams   Anna: Are you surprised to see such a girl here?

However, the importance of the level of intelligence should not be misleading, for the Ukrainian men the intelligence does not mean the same as that for Europeans, especially the "female intelligence." It does not mean the scientific intelligence or some other mental work, but rather life’s wisdom, the ability to understand another person, accept his or her point of view or position, to be flexible and tolerant in making decisions, to be a true friend of her husband, to have a loving kindness and take care of other people. In other words, we are talking about social ethical characteristics of a woman, her ability to adapt to society, in this case - to the family.

And you should agree that with that a nice attitude towards women in Ukraine, most of them are handling near 90 percent of different family problems… Maybe that's why the brides from Ukraine prefer foreign men to local ones more often…. In most cases, a foreigner and Russian or Ukrainian wife can create a well-balanced version of a harmonious family. They manage intuitively a normal relationship in which everyone gets so many rights, duties and privileges as he or she can without harming another. A man in such a family is a leader, but he is also responsible for the family in general. A Ukrainian woman is taking care of the kids and a good housekeeper. Man has more authority and respect, Ukrainian woman takes off her unbearable burden of responsibility and getting a chance to have a normal life in a family with a clear care about her children, kitchen, house, but with great gentleness, love and support.

A presence of some amount of sexuality is a necessary condition of a successful photo for a dating site. Every woman from Odessa knows that beautiful breasts will emphasize a deep decollate of an evening dress. Beautiful legs will ‘look out in a coquetting manner’ in a high cut of a skirt, and stockings and elegant shoes on high heels will make a man’s phantasy work 100 per cent. An ability to look beautiful, sexy and gentle in a feminine way is a real art. Read more

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