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Ukrainian woman: honest characteristics of advantages and disadvantages.

‘ In general, women are lovely, almost all with a languishing look and also with the bright eyes in which are reflected the sensitivity of the soul and the heart. The nature has marked on their faces a sign of love and affection ‘– this is description of Ukrainian women by Ulrich von Werdum who traveled around Ukraine in 1670-1672.

After 3.5 century another German man, who arrived to Ukraine to visit his bride, whom he met on the Internet, wrote in his blog the following: Ukrainian woman enters our life late, sunny spring morning, gray-eyed, slender, easy-going, slightly smiling; the sun shining through her hair and clothes; she conquers us at a first glance - and disappears, so that we can fully enjoy the despair, till the moment she will be back… And when she is coming back we have a passionate desire that she stays with us forever. And after that there is a blissful time when we experience happiness just from the fact that you can wake up next to her, feel her smell, feel the perfection of her body.... We are happy to put her interests above anything else, paying for this by bewilderment, a resentment of forgotten friends and troubles at work .... and, oh God, how sweet do we live!

Irina: I want to meet my beloved man   Asya: I am out going person who leads life to the full

Let's try to understand the reasons of the popularity of Ukrainian women among Western men, highlighting the nature of their main qualities and strengths.

Beauty, elegance, intelligence and respect of the traditional family values ​​–this is a description of the women from Ukraine written by the dating agencies, trying to formulate their basic characteristics. Having formed a stereotype of an ideal bride they technically simplify the complex and sometimes contradictory world of Ukrainian women.

To understand this phenomenon it is necessary to allocate the main idea that distinguishes Slav woman- their internal emotional and sensual world of human being without a leading benefit.

Yulia: I am purposeful and active in my life   Ira: I am nice, optimistic and funny young woman

That explains many of the qualities preserved by Ukrainians and almost were lost by the western women-self-sacrifice, patience, tolerance, loyalty and devotion. In combination with the natural beauty, sexuality and attractiveness this set of features makes the girls from Ukraine brides desired by many Western men.

Singling out the main characteristics of Ukrainian women we should start with the femininity and attractiveness. They dress feminine, move feminine too, and talk feminine. More often - but not always - they do it absolutely unconsciously, this is a kind of public demand for them.

The y move keeping their backs straight. They are sitting with their legs crossed. They are holding the glass between thumbs and index fingers slightly behind the others. They speak with a smile, with a soft voice. They are picking at their food and leaving a half the food on the plate. Always they use make up, wear perfume and dress the way to stimulate man’s imagination ...

Vika: Temperamental, good-natured, romantic, funny, caring, sincere   Olga: I am cheerful, friendly, caring, sensitive girl

In fact, many people argue that the girls from Ukraine always dress like prostitutes. It is a myth ... Many local ladies definitely have a style and a taste, and they dress elegant, feminine, emphasizing their individuality. In general, they are doing it much better than Americans or Europeans. While it is true, the skirts shorter than in Kiev, you probably will not see somewhere else. Well most of Ukrainian women wear skirts which barely cover the underwear. Even in winter ..
It is necessary to note that the Ukrainian women's mentality is in general considered contradictory and complex, and difficult to explain.

According to some people, Ukrainian girls are made of kindness that cannot be destroyed even by the most terrible life issues; hard work, patience, loyalty, perseverance, courage, hospitality and responsiveness. By beliefs of the others- they are lazy and mercantile, sometimes cruel, and even liars .. If we are talking about commercialism, this stereotype (even more a myth) was not born of the lust for money, but rather a lack of understanding of how Ukrainian women prefer to spend money. Ukrainian ladies believe that a man supposes to earn a living in the family; he is a main money maker. How to spend them both of the spouses will decide but a woman has a main right to spend his money even without asking him. It does not mean that your wife will never work there. She will definitely try to contribute to the financial well-being of the family, but do not expect that it will be 50 to 50, as it is common in the West.

Ludmila: I feel i can give you all warm and tender..   Svetlana: It is hard to describe myself ,maybe my friends...

Ukrainian women seem softy, flexible – and this is true. However, these features are combined in them with a demand (sometimes very overpriced by the way). That is why the Western man who decided that he had found himself an obedient wife, a housekeeper, can be extremely disappointed. In addition, a man who is looking for a wife from Ukraine or Russia often believes he is her benefactor because he is offering her to relocate from unfavorable country. (Such a stereotypical opinion about the former Soviet Union republics is increased by almost all the western mass media). An exemplary wife and housekeeper your fiancée will become only with a combination of two factors-the mutual feelings of love and respect, and equality in relationships within the family. Do not think she will be a perfect servant- it will not work. But if you are attentive, kind and sincere you will be rewarded!

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