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Homemade: food preparation as part of the life of Ukrainian woman

According to European research, feminized European women were able to get rid of kitchen slavery. The average woman spends cooking and washing dishes for 18 days a year, which is three years of the life. So technically she spends for it just over an hour a day.
The same survey proves that 20 minutes of this hour a woman still watching TV or reading the news. Eating out in restaurants and fast food cafes, using semi-finished products make it possible to minimize concerns about the family meals, but unfortunately they are not healthy. High qualities, useful, everyday homemade food for many Europeans and Americans have been a luxury for a long time.

Julia: Can you imagine your happy life with me?   Marina: I am a real woman, very loving and affectionate, caring and gentle

In Ukraine it is absolutely different situation. As in medieval Europe with Ukrainian women people still associate the three ‘k’:
‘Kirche, Kinder, Küche’ (church, children, kitchen). In modern life, the first ‘k’ has been replaced by a career - but it's a disputable moment. But the rest: the kitchen and the children are still a privilege of women.

In general, Ukrainian cuisine makes a lasting impression on foreigners. People either love or hate it, but there are no indifferent ones... Borsch and lard, dumplings (varenyky) and holodets, pickles and marinated tomatoes, Russian salad and Shuba Salad (herring under the beet coat), compote and kvass ... It perfectly fulfills the main the task of any national cuisine: surprise and feed.

Despite the fact that cooking for a long time has been considered a privilege of men but in Ukraine most of women prefer to cook.
We are not talking about elite chefs of the restaurants where it is difficult to see a female chef. We're talking about housewives, who spend a lot of their time in the kitchen to feed their families; most of them are cooking with a part of their soul.


Nataliya: real woman happiness is when your beloved man wakes up with you every morning   Alla: I am modest, calm, I like to listen more than to talk.

The secret of the culinary talents of Ukrainian women is simple - it is a skillful combination of simple and affordable products.
Most of the recipes of Ukrainian cuisine are based on the use of popular vegetables, fruit and berries, as well as meat, fish, poultry, mushrooms and grain. Almost every Ukrainian woman can find at her kitchen a reasonable compromise and not only will feed her husband and children with their favorite meals, but also enrich their diet with useful components taking into account their individual preferences.

If you are thinking of getting married Ukrainian bride, be ready to rethink your eating habits. It is possible that the usual fast food will become your festive delicacy, yielding its place to nutritious dish, freshly prepared homemade food. Most likely that your food rationing will be replaced by more varied and high-quality food, but with the risk to gain 5-10 kg of extra weight ...

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