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Fling in Odessa - sex date with Ukrainian girls

It’s not love at first sight and not a primitive sexual desire. Here is no hope for serious relationships and their continuation. Odessa women and girls mean many things by a word ‘fling’ – first of all it’s an adventure. Sexy, romantic, passionate – everything in one. Lightness, game, tenderness, adventurousness, and drunkenness with passion – all this is meant by a ‘fling’ for its admirers. Fling is just one night together. But what a night!



There are not many admirers of such kind of dating among Odessa ladies, but there are some. It’s a category of positive and lonely ukrainian women, self-contained and as a rule financially independent. They aren’t interested in long-lasting relationships, romantic dates or other signs of men’s attention. A charm of fling is in its lightness, absence of commitments, abruptness, and unpredictability.



It’s quite easy to understand that fling is so much popular in the west started in Ukraine in Odessa where the atmosphere invites to sexual adventures. It can’t be compared with a holiday romance: for a romance one needs to look for somebody ‘decent’, a man to go out with and to talk to. Whereas for a fling such limitations aren’t needed, somebody who attracted you with their charm or sexuality is quite enough.

Psychologists say that there are several reasons for attractiveness of fling: a high sexual activity, risk craving, a problem of self-esteem. However, it has nothing to do with depravity. It goes of only those Odessa women who don’t suffer because of this ‘search for pleasure’.

Such a variant of a sex date is a heads-up play if not a provident one, despite its spontaneity. As every partner knows beforehand that this night won’t occur again. However, on the other hand, a fling shouldn’t be an aim, it can’t be worked out a day or even an hour before. All the more, fling shouldn’t substitute personal life. As a rule, Ukrainian women get themselves into it between serious romances. And never instead of them.


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