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Arcadia. Photos of Odessa girls from beach clubs of the city.

Among thousands of photos of Odessa girls on our dating site there is a category of pictures that strike one’s eye A club rest in the atmosphere of an aristocratic luxury. It’s Arcadia – one of the most popular resorts of Odessa, famous for its nightclubs and beach clubs. Here is no place for calmness and solitude, a rest in Arcadia is preferred by young people and lovers of an around-the-clock drive. The seaside area here is divided into wonderful private beaches that aren’t worth than beaches of Ibiza, Kasablanca and Bali.

Alina, 31 y/o   Alena, 32 y/o

Arcadia is far not the cheapest beach of the city. However, many Odessa girls prefer it for rest. And, surely, every of them will make here some photos for sure that one can boast of in social networks or attract men’s attention on a dating site. Suntanned bodies of Odessa beauties, bikini bathing suits emphasizing beautiful legs and classy breasts, streaming hair… Such photos are a quintessence of youth, beauty, and sexuality.

Olga 28 y/o   Anna, 26 y/o

Early morning is the best time for such photo sessions, when crowds of young people have gone home where they sleep till midday. Beach clubs are almost empty which gives girls freedom in their choice of a story for a photo session, a possibility to choose a necessary environment, and, surely, time for a flawless make-up. We said that Odessa women are different by a special sense of style and knowing to present themselves 100%, that’s why there is no wonder that in such photos you see real photo models in front of you.

Inna, 21 y/o   Olga, 29 y/o

Arcadia is very popular among lonely men as a place that ideally fits for dating and flirtation. First, one can choose a girl here that perfectly suits your image of a woman’s beauty: minimum of clothes and make-up will emphasize natural attractiveness. Second, atmosphere of a lightness and openness that is in beach clubs of Odessa will let you easily find a reason for an acquaintance. It may be either an invitation for a cocktail or a conversation that started by chance, or a participation in some beach competitions, for example volleyball or frisbee.

Ludmila, 28 y/o   Marina, 19 y/o

P.S. A beach is a perfect place for starting new relationships. However, with a sunset a problem will appear – where to go on with these relationships. Loud music and a crazy rhythm of night clubs are not the best companions of lovers, but a dinner with candles or a walk through a night city is a decent continuation of an evening. We offer you top-5 of the most romantic places of Odessa. More details…

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