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Secret of the attractiveness and charm of Odessa girls

Everybody who has been to Odessa probably has very bright memories about local girls. They just drive every man who goes out to a street of the city crazy with their charm and attractiveness. Blondes, brunettes and chestnuts, of absolutely different types and forms, all of them are so feminine and sexy that sometimes it’s hard to believe one’s eyes.

And the thing here is not in a flashy sexuality, bare legs and other parts of the body. The main secret of attractiveness of Odessa women who can be liked by practically all men is that they like to take care of themselves and enjoy pleasant feelings connected with their body’s perfection.

Viktoriya, 32 y/o   Alyona, 23 y/o

Unlike western women, Ukrainian women know for sure: no matter how rich one’s inner world is, it’s hard to see it for a man if a woman doesn’t mask it under a wrapping. It’s an appearance, being neat and having a good style of clothing that decide if men want to pay attention at them or not. And first of all it’s important for lonely girls, many of which live in Odessa

The first thing that attracts men’s attention is a narrow waist, long legs and emphasized breasts. That’s why in their clothing girls prefer belts, short skirts and bodices emphasizing and prettifying all that nature gifted them with. A plus for this is high heels that can add a special felinity to one’s poise and makes legs longer. Men without noticing it always pay attention at women who wear shoes with high heels.

Kateryna, 25 y/o   Valentina, 20 y/o

A business style is considered not less sexy by Odessa women, no matter how surprising it can be. A formal fitted suit, a tight-fitting skirt, stockings and high heels – all this changes a woman and drives men crazy. Probably, that’s the reason why such style was chosen as a standard in many Odessa shops, trading centers and places for rest.

Lubov, 37 y/o   Natalya, 30 y/o

And, surely, ladies from Odessa know that behind a charming appearance men always want to see a not less charming inner world. Harmony of an inner and outer images are combined in them amazingly. It’s first of all a sense of humor (and Odessa has always been considered to be the capital of humor) and knowing how to enjoy life, sincerity, an ability to feel with, give warmth and tenderness, softness and faithfulness.

Concerning sex, only in Odessa there is such a great number of relaxed and self-assured women ready for experiments.

And art of a virtuous combining of all these qualities with an ability to demonstrate them to men is the main secret of Odessa girls’ charm.

Tatyana, 23 y/o   Anastasiya, 25 y/o

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