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Pros and cons of Ukrainian women to the opinion of western men.

Many men think of a marriage with a Ukrainian girl. And they have certain reasons for this: no one will argue the fact that the majority of Ukrainian women are beautiful, smart, know how to keep a household and put family values at the first place. However, not everything is so smooth and ideal. What demands do representatives of other nationalities have to Ukrainian women?

They are unpunctual
Western men are outraged by the fact that Ukrainian women are late for their dates and even don’t ask for excuse. It’s normal for them. Any girl who respects herself thinks she must be late for a date with a man for at least 15 minutes. Let him wait for her and be worried!

They pay excessive attention to their appearance
Western women aren’t too busy with their outlook striving to be equal with men. And they are surprised that Ukrainian women leave their house well-dressed each time.
Concerning make-up and perfume it’s a matter of taste, but you should admit that smart-looking girls very in their appearance often have great preference over the western women who like to walk in jeans and with not neat haircuts excluding especially state occasions.

They like to wash for long time
A habit of Ukrainian women to take shower for half an hour is just shocking for foreigners. In Europe and the USA it’s habitual to spare water and they even plug a sink while they wash not to let water out. And here such a wastefulness!

They are concentrated on marriage
In Ukraine women who are 25 should already have a family, otherwise you’ll be considered an old maid and looser. On the West a marriage is often postponed till 30-35, and giving birth to children to 40 in all. It’s considered that one should at first get on your feet, make a career and then… That’s why it’s strange for western men and women that girls in Ukraine worry so much about their getting married and giving birth to children when their life ‘has just begun’!

They are too practical
A German designer who lived in Odessa for many years tells about Ukrainian women: ‘Surely, money plays not the least role. And they look for a husband with an apartment, a car and a banking account’.
It’s true. Since a young age in Ukraine patriarchal ideals: a man should support a family. That’s why searching for a husband a woman hopes to be ‘behind a stone wall’. In general, women in Ukraine statistically earn less than men. So what’s strange about her being interested in a well-being of her potential life partner?

They can’t keep partner relationships
Ukrainian women aren’t spoiled by feminism, that’s why they think that a man owes something to them as to a weaker sex: pay for a dinner in a restaurant, pass a coat, bring a bag… Citizens of western countries where all differences between sexes are minimized. It shocks awfully.

They strive to be a head of the family
In Ukraine, as it’s well-known, the majority of families live according to a principle: ‘A husband is a head and a wife is a neck’. A family where a wife doesn’t strive to rule her husband is rare.
Such behavior especially puzzles representatives of eastern nations. In the East it’s usual for a wife to treat her husband with respect, take care of him and his relatives, be obedient… At the same time in many nations a wife doesn’t have the right to sit at one table with men. And just try to tell it to a Ukrainian woman! According to eastern people Slavic women are too impudent and self-assured, they don’t know their place at home. Eastern men admire east European girls, but they aren’t always ready to marry them.

They don’t like planning
In the majority of western countries people used to live according to a schedule. And almost every Ukrainian woman is surprised when a husband tells her that after work he has a business meeting, then he goes to a gym and he can’t find time for a spontaneous date with her… She also doesn’t understand why you can’t buy a new vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher right now.

They get married together with their families
A Ukrainian women considers it to be her duty to take care of her parents, and sometimes her brothers and sisters and their kids as well. If on the West relationships with parents are usually limited to Sunday dinners, Ukrainian visit their relatives constantly and often help them financially.

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