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Odessa girls: 8 factors you have to pay attention at when thinking of a wedding

It is for some reason considered that men in Odessa pay attention at only big-breasted and long-legged beauties whose appearance is like that of an angel. Surely, natural qualities play a great role here, but inner ones are much more important. Probably, that’s why men often are fond of women of one kind, while they build serious relationships with those of quite a different kind, those who match a list of certain criteria:

1. Beauty isn’t just a beautiful face, slim figure, long legs, big breasts, round thighs etc. Ideal woman isn’t just a photo model with a model-like figure. It can also be a girl with sizable forms and tempting curves. Natural beauty is what is valued in Odessa women!

2. In Odessa one doesn’t like women for whom their beauty and attractiveness are first of all. Quite the opposite, they are avoided. These beauties want a beautiful life, an expensive car, valuable things, but are they worth it?

Vera, 25 y/o   Stasya, 23 y/p

3. According to many men’s opinion, many Odessa girls’ intellect is especially interesting. A smart woman is understanding, she knows how to listen to and hear a man. A smart woman will make her man feel himself the smartest one and indispensable for this woman.

4. Sexuality is what is in Odessa girls since their birth. A languishing look, lightness, flirtation, biting her lips, demonstration of lady parts isn’t just a game. A woman’s sexuality lays in a balance between gentleness and impudence. Odessa ladies’ temper is another weighty argument

Oksana, 35 y/o   Elena, 30 y/o

5. Care, kindness, tenderness. Men older than 30 become picky. They look for a woman for creating a family. A woman plays a role of a wife and mother here. And in this role she should be caring and tender. Besides, such a quality as kindness is valued. It’s hard to live with a nasty woman.

6. Sense of humor. It’s an inborn quality in Odessa women. Believe that you’ll never be bored.

7. Honesty is what is especially valuable in Odessa brides on top of everything else. Honesty guarantees respect, understanding on the side of other people. Within family relations a stable and happy family is based upon honesty. For men understanding from the side of a woman is very important.

8. Zest for life. A smile beautifies any Odessa girl. When a girl enjoys her life and everything that surrounds her (flowers, sun, children etc.) she inspires her loved one with it. A woman can work wonders with it.

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