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Why Odessa in Ukraine is considered a city of the most beautiful women?

The beauty of Odessa’s women is well-known around the world. For good reason, Ukrainian women are the most desirable brides. Good housekeeping qualities, accuracy, external beauty and gentle nature inherent in Odessa’s girls for men all over the world are the ideal qualities for the bride and a wife. Traditional Odessa’s Beauty is a combination of beautiful, buxom ladies with black hair and blue eyes. But today in a ‘primeval’ form this Ukrainian beauty can be found infrequently. However, with any combination of hair color, eyes and body proportions, the girls from Odessa are the most beautiful in Ukraine for several centuries. So what is the secret of their appeal?

Olga: I love fun, and being around people   Olga:I'm very friendly and openness person

South Ukraine, and this is Odessa, Nikolayev and Kherson were built by people of more than 20 nationalities. Russian, Ukrainians, Romanians, Poles, Bulgarians, Greeks, Turks ... In Odessa, a major port city, apparently is the most ethnically mixed population in Ukraine. Therefore it is obvious that such a genetic cocktail created the perfect feminine beauty.

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The soft oval face, fair skin, small lips of the beautiful shape, brown hair, large and bright expressive eyes ... Or vice versa - dark brunette with dark skin, white teeth, plump lips and a soft sensual look from the beautiful eye brows. And between these two poles of beauty there are many wonderful options.

Lubov: I am a cheerful woman, very sociable person   Irina: I am fun loving and outgoing person

2. The desire to please men
The ability of women to please men for the girls from the south of Ukraine is an innate quality. This is called sex appeal - the ability to be attractive to men, to cause sexual attraction. From the point of view of nature it is absolutely understandable- in Ukraine there are in almost 10 percent more women than men, which stimulates them fight for male attention.

Julia: I am a sincere, beautiful, cheerful   Katya: I am positive, with a good sense of humor

3. Healthy nutrition
Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is high-calorie meals. But despite this, many Ukrainians are slim. The secret is simple, and it is the balance of the food. Usually, high-calorie meals Ukrainians are eaten only during the cold period of time when the body needs some energy. In spring, most of Odessa’s women prefer to eat more vegetables and fruit. Many of the girls from time to time hold special diets to keep weight under control and fight against overweight. By the way, even if a lady from Odessa is gaining weight, thanks to the good proportions of the body, it does not look bad for her figure. Therefore, even a little curvy women are very attractive.

Anna: I am active and communicative   Marina: I do not afraid to be naive and sincere

4.Taking care of herself
Odessa‘s women love makeup and know a lot about it. To emphasize the natural beauty, add some color to the everyday way –this is the main purpose of the use of decorative cosmetics. Many people criticize Ukrainian girls and women for excessive use of decorative cosmetics but it means, they just want to highlight their beauty. Bright appearance, cheerful temper and easy attitude to any personal problems. That's why people love Slav women all over the world.

Sacha:I am a lady who is very sensual, I love life   Victoriya: I am sociable, cheerful, faithful, optimistic.

5. Healthy lifestyle
Today, more and more young women are choosing a healthy and active way of life. Despite of a busy day of the average Ukrainian, only three to four hours a week she spends at the fitness club or a gym. This is enough for a beautiful toned figure and good feeling.

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