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The most popular age categories of Ukrainian brides.

Conventionally all brides who use services of Odessa dating agencies can be divided into 3 main age groups.

The first group consists of very young girls of 18-20 years who make their first steps into their adult life. Minimal experience of relationships with men and a wish to meet a prince on a white horse make many men treat such young ladies carefully. Certainly, this age has many advantages, such as youth, beauty, temper. A character that is not yet formed lets make such a girl a wife with a necessary collection of personal qualities and views on life. There are some disadvantages – youthful maximalism, absence of life experience and a vague notion of one’s further life.

Svetlana, 30 y/o   Juliya, 36 y/p

The most popular age group on dating sites are young women of 23-35. They have an education, a job, and their time to think of personal life has come. Girls of this age are taken by men in a more serious way. Not like young ones do. At the age of 35 years old many women have already been married and have children.

Anastasiya, 21 y/o   Tatyana, 24 y/o

Advantages of this age are: youth and beauty with life experience, understanding of man’s behavior and herself. At this age girls already know what they want from life and from men, they are ready to have children (or already have them). They have experienced certain disappointments in relationships. A girl knows a value of nice words and promises and won’t believe in vain love confessions from the first letter. If one takes into account that an average age of men looking for a wife on Odessa dating sites is within the limits of 35 – 47, brides of this age group have all chances to find a husband for themselves with a slight age difference.

Larisa, 23 y/o   Anna, 25 y/o
An only disadvantage of this age group should be mentioned separately and it’s children. Most of women at this age already have children and they are still underage. That’s why if a bride will leave for a different country before marriage, children will go with her. And for taking children there should be a notarized permit of a father.


Odessa ladies of 35-45 year old are not less popular among adult and successful men. At this age women have real demands to men without too high standards and they are still attractive and sexy. Ukrainian women of 40-45 years have as a rule adult children and they have no difficulties without arranging documents for getting married abroad. Men who potentially suit them by their age have also adult children, that’s why a couple can enjoy life and live for themselves.

Ira, 22 y/o   Elena, 38 y/o

Among disadvantages one can mention only that fact that many women can hardy leave their habitual place and start a new life. However, if a woman is successful in her country, she will find herself in a new one as well. She has a life experience and much energy. Many of them get a new education, make a career, someone is happy just staying home and enjoying calm life with a beloved husband.

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