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Odessa girls on city beaches. Bikini, heels and dazzling smiles. A photo-walk

Summer is a time of vacations, not just in Ukraine but in other countries as well. Millions of people come to a seaside to get rid of tiredness accumulated, office routine, stone jungles, and, at the same time, needless clothes. Now we offer you a walk through Odessa beaches in order to look at Ukrainian bikini girls.

If there were no Ukrainian women, one should have invented them. It’s evident that one goes on a vacation not just to read a good book while laying in the sun. Beach life is some kind of a soap opera. And girls are central characters here.

Tempting beauties were created for a champagne shower and they perfectly mastered a palette of moods varying from frivolous to dreamy. A phrase ‘to see and be seen’ makes a new sense.
Attractive, beautiful and sexy. Blondes and brunettes, red and chestnuts, tall and slim, young and not very young already… Odessa girls like showing themselves. They like wearing little to a beach. However, their clothing should be classy. The word ‘florid’ means a compliment in this case.

Odessa girls have always preferred individuality and that’s why their attitude to details is very attentive. A very short skirt, drainpipe jeans and explicit tops and huge sunglasses make them stand out the crowd. Even on a beach they can’t refuse a bohemian glamour, as they feel themselves like on a podium everywhere. Here's a choice of high heels, short skirts and pouty lips. Bright bikini, colorful tunics, shiny sandals, golden chains, bracelets etc. Just look by yourself…

Irina, 38 y/o   Julia, 20 y/o

Asya, 23 y/o   Ekateryna, 29 y/o

Kristina, 20 y/o   Julia, 26 y/o

A friendly atmosphere reigning on the beaches is favorable for new acquaintances, and many men can enjoy it. The internet-statistics says that fifty per cent of men and 30 per cent of women are ready to holiday romances during their vacation. We assert with responsibility that this statistics is mistaken! Ninety nine per cent of lonely Odessa women are ready for holiday romances and serious acquaintances…

Yana, 24 y/o   Elena, 21 y/o

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