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Simple, but very important rules for online dating with Ukrainian ladies.

1. Only positive thinking 80 per cent of Odessa girls either study or work or combine both things. In any case, they are sure to be tired, and after a hard day your negative thoughts won’t cheer them up. And if a date with you will be associated with fountains of positive emotions, she will have a drive to meet with you as with a mental drug.

2. A man should be a man A man shouldn’t complain of his life, work or friends. Tell about your problems or misfortunes to your friends while drinking a bottle of beer. And it is better to forget it at all. A man should show that he has problems, or better had them, and solved them easily – this is valued by Odessa women most of all. Show that you aren’t a chatterbox and your actions follow your words. And it’s very important for you not to be afraid of responsibility. Responsibility for your family and your wife. That’s what Ukrainian women value in foreign men most of all.

Inga: I adore people, good laugh, and great company   Ilona:First of all, I am a person who respects himself and the people around them

3. Don’t dangle after a woman Know that if a young and beautiful girl has 10 admirers on a dating site and 9 of them eat the dust she gets bored soon. And if a grey crown of devoted faceless figures there is a person who distinguishes himself because he is proud, an Odessa girl may fall in love with him. A level of value of a ‘bride by mail’ for you should be the following: ‘She’s with me and it’s good. Of not – I’ll find another one.’ You shouldn’t be addicted, otherwise a woman will lose her interest in you, and, which is even worse, will start manipulating you.

Svetlana: I’m a good friend, a nice mother and I believe that I can be a perfect wife   Tatyana: I consider myself smart, educated, affectionate and sexy.

4. Sureness Communicate with several girls at one and the same time. On a dating agency site it’s quite permissible. First, it will add to your experience of communication with an opposite sex. Second, Odessa women feel concurrence very well, even if there are no reasons for that. Your Ukrainian bride will have a rivalry mood, and it will give you an advantage, as now it’s more interesting to get you than others. A confidence and rush in a good proportion make a very strong impression on Odessa ladies. The main thing is not to show it only on words, but practically as well!

Violetta: Looking for the Real Man. Man from the capital letter M   Mila: I know how to enjoy every day, go forward and not look back

5. Compliment them Be attentive. When she has a new hairstyle, make or article clothing – make an easy compliment. She is sure to value it (1). As any Ukrainian girl does it all to be noticed. If you don’t notice it – she will be noticed by someone else. However, never compliment her just to observe formalities. A real Odessa girl will feel it. A compliment should be sincere.

Olga: I am quite smart, cheerful and sensitive lady   Anna: My man is gentle and kind hearted, the one I can trust and rely on

6. An exact aim At the very beginning of your communication on a dating site you should define what you really want – to be friends, to build a serious relationship or just flirtation and sex. Surely, there is no problem in becoming friends and then trying. But remember that a long communication turns you into a female friend wearing trousers or to a brother, and that’s hard to overcome later. So if you want to find a wife in Odessa – turn your romanticism on and start relationships.

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