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In what countries are brides from Odessa the most expected?

In Ukraine (and in Odessa in particular) pollings has been constantly held in order to find out how many lonely women would like to emigrate. According to various researches held during the latest ten years, this number has been at the level of 20-30%.

And recently, pollings of a new research were published. It turned out that not every fifth but every second lonely girl (41%) dreams of leaving Ukraine! 48% of young girls from 18 to 25 dream of leaving for abroad. In a polling concerning a question where to go for permanent dwelling, priorities has somewhat changed. Only every third from those who wished to change their citizenship wants to go to Europe (seven years ago 15% strived to go there). The USA’s popularity has also decreased – from 23 to 19%. However, a number of those who are ready to leave for eastern and Asian countries, South America, Australia, and even China is constantly increasing.

At the same time, sociologists have already started discussing a start of a new immigration wave, like the one that was in Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of the 90-ies. At the same time, the future of the former USSR seemed quite elusive to many people. And today, to tell the truth, there isn’t more clarity. Now one of the most popular ways of emigration is a marriage with a foreigner. These are Russian and Ukrainian mail brides who make the backbone of the new emigration wave different from that of the 90-ies, when mostly ethnical Germans and Hebrews left.

According to the statistics, Ukrainian girls get divorced with foreign men four times less often than with their compatriots. Consider: each year 11% of Odessa women contract a marriage with foreign citizens. However, only 2,5% of marriages with foreigners are broken. In 2014-2015 (as well as in previous years) fiancés from Turkey were leaders among Odessa women. Then come men from Germany, Israel, the USA, England, Italy, and France.

Turkish men keep the top line of the popularity rating, while during the latest years Odessa became the second Motherland for many of them. Unique possibilities for conducting one’s business, studies, and tourism led to a constantly increasing number of Turks living in Ukraine. Here they find brides and wives for themselves.

Marriages of Odessa women with Israel men are in the top-three of marriages with foreigners. That’s because Israel was considered to be and is still considered one of the most comfortable countries from the point of view of Ukrainian women. In some cities all of them talk only Russian. Marriages with men from Australia aren’t still included into the top-ten of leaders. Though many women know that Australia is one of some Christian countries where the number of men exceeds the number of women considerably (in Odessa, Ukraine the situation is different ).

Australia’s government even prescribed a legal procedure for attracting of wives from other, poorer countries (here Asian and Ukrainian women were included). A new wife should live with her husband for two years, after that she gets a permanent resident card.

Though interest to American men became a bit less, it is still in top-5 of Odessa women’s preferences. Despite a huge distance and a language barrier every fifth bride is ready to become a wife of an American man.

During the latest several years Canadian men have become more popular among Odessa women. It is first of all connected with comfort of adaptation in the country, while the biggest Canadian diaspora lives in Ukraine.

Our second and not less interesting article is about criteria that bachelors from Europe choose Ukrainian brides and if an excessive weight, ‘declining’ years or presence of children being able to become a hindrance for getting married abroad.

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